Tribe Community Prosperity in Unity.

Is there an aspect of your life that is not affected by your finances?

Money may not be the most important thing in life but it affects everything that is. Join our community of like minded individuals who are working towards achieving Financial Freedom.

Here's what you will get...

We get it, finances can be intimidating. The goal of the Tribe community is to give you everything you need to take action as you grow your money and wealth .

Networking Events

Interact and create meaningful connections with people like you!

Learning Sessions - financial and investments topics

Explore different money and financial topics with seasoned experts.

Slack community

Learn and engage with other people striving towards financial freedom, career progression and holistic growth and development.

Slack Community

Tribe is a vibrant community on slack designed to help like-minded people who are eager to attain their financial freedom to connect, learn, share, grow holistically, money mindset, wealth creation, financial literacy & planning and so much more.

  • Click the Join Community button and fill out your details on the form and submit.
  • Open your email and click the Join Community link.
  • Clicking the link on the email will lead you to download the slack app.
  • Once you have it on your phone, simply sign in using your email address.

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